Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oh brother

As I mentioned in my last post, my brother, James, popped down to Brighton for a swift visit this weekend.
Despite usually eating really badly (his words) he was really open to trying some new foods and actually really liked them (his words again). Here's a quick round up of what we ate.
Friday morning, Brunch at Rock Ola:
We both had the anytimer breakfast, I couldn't persuade him to try the vegan option but I thoroughly enjoyed it (too excited to take a picture obviously). We (josh and I) have been to Rock Ola a few times, and I'm always excited to to see the kitsch salt and pepper pots and have some yummy grub. My breakfast included 2 sausages, bacon (I'm yet to find a vegan bacon that isn't just vegan ham in a different shape), lots of baby mushrooms, tomatoes on the vine, 3 hash browns and a slice of toast. Lovely and filling. I love having lots of different tastes on the plate and don't usually go to the effort to recreate this at home (I should though!)

For lunch we paid a visit to Vbites, I had a wrap with lime and coriander chicky with mint mayo which was a really good meld of flavours. I think it might have been better if the chicky was in smaller chunks as it felt a bit 'substituty' at points. James had my favourite, the Hickory Chicky burger and as expected, loved it.

I cooked a basic stir fry for dinner, with red pepper, brocolli, carrots, noodles and loving hut 'lucky chunks'.

And now that James is safely back home the house feels just a little emptier...


  1. You're spoilt in Brighton! You have so many vegan eateries to choose from. I must visit one day soon :)

    1. I know! Whenever I think of moving elsewhere it is the one overwhelming fact that stops me from considering it. I better make the most of them ay ;)