Friday, 30 December 2011

5 portions a day

I've been trying to be more healthy recently, more vitamins = less chance of getting an icky cold, but my love of toast and potatoes means I often don't make it to the magic 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
My solution? Cheat!

Charlotte's cheeky cheats for a champion constitution.

  • Dried fruit - just one tablespoon is a full portion according to the NHS.
  • Fruit Juice - who doesn't love a glass over cereal?!
  • Frozen sweetcorn - In the pan whilst pasta is cooking, too easy.
  • Banana & custard - Pudding lovers (Alpro ready made cartons- wonderfully comforting on cold days!)
  • Tinned fruit - Sugar on grapefruit or maybe cinnamon on pears.
  • Satsumas/Clementines - Can anyone tell the difference?! Their natural outfit means they can go travelling!
The NHS site I linked suggests the fruit and veg in pre-prepared food counts too but we don't need to count that now we have soooo many options!

Despite trying to avoid traditions, I'm hoping that I can stick to a resolution this year to think more about what I eat, what nutrients it contains and what I miss out on when I'm lazy and eat naughty food... we'll see.


Excuses, excuses.

Oh you wonderfully faithful few, my loyal blog readers, I can only apologise for leaving you so empty handed on these cold winter nights.
Perhaps this might cheer you up? It's a list of all the vegan own brand products that Sainsbury's stock, neatly ordered under their departments. Don't use Sainsbury's? The other main supermarkets have lists too, have a google.
I've been looking into vegan ready meals recently, and i'm always on the look out for vegan fast food. Might also mention here that my new years resolution is to start planning my meals with the aim of becoming healthier...
Anyway from the list I've just linked there's just one frozen meal: Basics Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce
Not the most appetizing. Wouldn't it be nice to have a hearty curry or pie in the freezer? - at least by making our own we know exactly whats inside, healthy or otherwise.
Despite the poor choice of frozen meals there's a surprising amount of fresh meals, all the obvious Indian snacky bits, mediterranian pasta, all sorts of pots of beans and some couscous which I've had before, good for a snack on the go, shared with a lovely vegan companion of course!
Anyway although the list takes some sorting through it's worth a look. It's always nice to find inspiration in the form of something you haven't eaten in years or hadn't even thought to investigate (raspberry sorbet - mmm)

Tonights dinner - Tesco's prepared stir fry mix with cauldron marinated tofu and a chow mein sauce. Fridge to plate in under ten minutes :) x

Who knew a photo of lions could hold such emotion?

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Unannounced hiatus

I've had a wonderfully hectic month off blogging, dissertation meetings galore, organising SL, running for environment officer with the student union and trying to fit some lectures in too. Over the coming weeks I'm hoping to give more tips on making vegan lives/changeovers easier and try not to bombard with too many recipes.
I'm gunna hit you with one now tho, as it's my first ever cooking video! The SL team promoted a meat free meal as part of our project and we sold the all the ingredients for this casserole at our university farmers market for 50p! (Normally would cost around a pound)
Surprisingly tasty for something so simple x