Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Je suis occupé

These past few days have been mental and today was my last french lesson eek! Tomorrow onwards I will have time for some proper posts (including some Mac n Cheese lovin' don't you worry).
Lunch today was garlic-y mushrooms with parsley on toast and for dinner it was the ol' faithful stir fry with a bit of stem ginger thrown in as I was feeling a little wacky in the kitchen. Made a nice change but will be sticking to proper ginger root in future!
What's a blog post without some piccys?:
Also, I have to say I am lurrrving VeganMoFo! I've only had time to see a few blogs and there's so much on my to-read list, can't wait! Plus it's so great to see everyone leaving comments and getting involved!

Oh and one last thing. I won tickets to Vegfest London!!!! I've been meaning to buy tickets for ages but thought I'd just give this competition a go when it caught my eye on The Mighty Fork facebook page (mmmm you gotta check out those hot dog pics, foodporn at it's finest!) and I got lucky! Who else is going? Anyone travelling any long distances? I'm lucky as we're super close to London in Brighton! (And we get our own VegFest of course!) If you haven't done so yet, buy your tickets here.

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  1. Oh man the mushtooms on toast look perfect, I might just have to make that for this week's Snoozeday Saturday post.