Sunday, 22 September 2013

Chef Chloe does it again.

I haven't been feeling too great the last couple of days, a certain someone has passed on the mother of all sore throats but that didn't stop me making a dreeeeamy lunch on Friday (but did stop me from posting about it till now... or perhaps that was the multiple episodes of Great British Bake Off I've been watching in bed?!)
Had to crush the bun to fit it in the toaster!
This is my version of Chef Chloe's Hawaiian Sloppy Joes, I made quite a few changes to fit with what I had in the fridge but maan was it tasty!
My subs were:
Normal (and cheapo) mushrooms from Aldi instead of crimini
Yellow bell pepper instead of green
Cooked red lentils instead of a can
Can of chopped tomatoes instead of tomato sauce
Tinned pineapple instead of fresh
My only advice for this is to chop those mushrooms before you start if you haven't got a food processor, otherwise things may get a little hectic (almost inevitable in my kitchen anyway!)

It really was rather fantastic and honestly, I've come to expect nothing less from Chef Chloe.
Do you find yourselves making lots of substitutions in recipes or do you make the effort to get in the right ingredients ahead of time?

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  1. I find it ridiculously hard to follow recipes without tweaking them! Just a rebel who plays by her own rules... hehehe. I do make an effort to find ingredients if they crop up in several recipes though. I searched high and low for chipotles and when I did eventually start seeing them for sale I bought loads of different types (paste, in adobo sauce, dried...)

    Hmm, lentils with pineapple, eh? Sounds interesting.