Sunday, 28 April 2013

Peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip cookies.

Hello, hello.
Sorry it's a late one today. Also I promise I will try to post things other than recipes soon. There is more to veganism than just food and this isn't just a food blog ( what I tell myself.)

Anyway, I made some really great cookies yesterday. Remember when I was going to make cookies for my new housemates in third year at uni? Well I've finally made cookies for my housemates... One and a half years later. This is another recipe from - The ingredients will all be knocking around the kitchen so it's another (almost) no-effort yum fest!

I use dark chocolate from aldi and cut it up into small chunks. The 200g bar is vegan but the 100g bar is not... wierd. Anyway it works really well and I think it actually tastes better once it's been in the oven. These will still be tasty without the chocolate too.

Another sweet treat this week was a tub of ice cream from BohoGelato. It was reminiscent of ben and jerry's with little chunks of moreish dough but the ice cream itself was verging on sorbet and at £2.50 a pop I probably won't be having too many more!
Should perhaps have included a coin for scale!
FYI It was the size you would usually get at the theatre.
Adieu x

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