Monday, 22 April 2013


A super quick post this week. What with being the birthday girl AND having just moved house it's all rather hectic.

After doing a little exploring on Saturday morning I came across a great little fruit and veg shop at my local market (Brighton Open Market). Feeling brave I bought myself some fennel and set about experimenting. I'd actually only had fennel once before and wasn't impressed so this was it's last chance!

I used this recipe after a quick search and was sooooo impressed! There were points during the cooking process when I thought we were doomed but it all came together into a really wholesome dish. I served mine with seeded toast but this is a whole meal in itself really. Half of the stated ingredients served two of us with a tiny potion left for my friend to try (and love!) .

That's all I've got time for tonight - Lots more to tell about all the places I've been eating out recently but that will have to wait till next time. Till Sunday x

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