Saturday, 8 October 2011

Freshers Week

A week of chips, vodka, chips, soup, Chinese takeaway, chips, cider, and chips.
A very enjoyable but wonderfully unhealthy week. I have a lovely clean new kitchen and new flatmates who I haven't actually used the 'V' word around yet and I'm really looking forward to doing some cooking! I haven't got round to making peanut butter cookies or crisps yet so hopefully I'll find some time next week in between multiple societies and meetings.
I went for lunch today at the Whaletail in Lancaster (my second visit this week) and ate Thai carrot soup, spicy but sooo tasty and hopefully going some way to getting rid of my freshers flu! I also called in at Single step, the wholefood store in Lancaster to stock up on vegan cheese as well as some instant Miso soup and a Ginger cake to take to people & planet society on Wednesday. That's all folks, hopefully I'll have something a little more exciting for you next week!

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