Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bourbon Biscuits.

empty packet hehe.
I was getting some bourbons for my omni-friends the other day and decided to check the ingredients just on the off chance that they didn't contain milk/egg. I've always assumed bourbons would so I stick to rich tea as they're usually a safe bet but these bourbons were vegan!
My mum picked them up from Iceland so I won't be able to get them once I get back to Lancaster (tomorrow) but I'll check a few packets in Sainbury's/ASDA and see if I have any luck there. I was never actually that much of a bourbon fan but it's just exciting to find something new to snack on. In fact I really wanted to make some peanut butter cookies the other day but I ran out of time so perhaps that might be a good way to make some new friends in freshers week ;)

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  1. Did you make the cookies?
    I used to eat bourbons when I was vegan. Some of the more expensive brands have diary in but the basic ones tend to be vegan. The same is true with sweet mince pies I believe - my Dad loves them and can eat almost all of the pre-made ones except for M&S, Waitrose and some home-made because they add milk or butter.