Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Caribbean Bean Stew

Found this uber healthy and filling dish at Vegan Village and I pretty much stuck entirely to their recipe minus tabasco and bay leaves. I also left out the black pepper as I haven't got round to buying any yet (quite a faux pas for a food blogger, no?) and the carrot as I didn't quite feel it fitted with the recipe.

The ingredients are all easy to get hold of and once you have done the frying;

you just need to add all the other ingredients and stir occasionally for 30 mins.

I cheated and used Uncle Bens 2mins microwave rice (possibly my last white rice for a while if my boyfriend, Josh, has anything to do with it!)
And this was the finished result:

Perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing but still a hearty and really easy dish to prepare as long as you don't mind quite a bit of chopping. The recipe made about 4 portions this size so if cooking for less the ingredients could be halved. (Provided you don't mind using half a tin and saving the rest, it's a pet peeve of mine as I can never use the remainder before it goes off!) Having said this, I kept the leftovers of the stew in the fridge and heated it up in the microwave and it still tasted great.

This week I've also cooked Pizzas, Mish Mash Ratatouille and my favourite Mint and Pea Soup. I'll hopefully get round to blogging about the former two soon, somewhere between film editing, travelling to Dartmoor for the weekend, writing my dissertation and helping to run LU people & planet society!

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