Sunday, 12 May 2013

Curry Club

I'm a little addicted to cooking shows - I've got a little better now that I don't have a tv with food network to gaze at for hours and I actually have to chose an on demand show to watch, but I'm still quite fanatical about them. I like imagining how I could transform recipes, to veganise them, and how they might work with things I already eat. So it happened that this week whilst watching an old Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers episode I decided I to attempt this Korma. I'm an absolute curry novice - the processed stuff in a jar is usually adequate - so this simple one seemed an ideal place to start.
My ginger looked like a bunny!
I didn't have aaalll the spices - still working on the new kitchen's supplies! However it turned out really well and I felt very brave adding sultanas to a savoury dish for the first time ever(!)
My substitutions were:
Butter -> Vitalite
Yoghurt & Creme Fraiche -> One tin of coconut milk
I also added some cauliflower which worked really well.

A great simple way for beginners to experiment with spices, and hazelnuts in curry!
Unfortunately it wasn't a very appetising colour, perhaps it needed more turmeric?
Apologies for the late post, I've spent the day tending to my newly sprouted salad veg (So this is how it feels to be a proud mother!) in my new garden. Advice on how to deter a horde of snails anyone?!

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