Monday, 2 January 2012


I don't know how I've managed to avoid posting about Superdrug over the last 4 months because I buy pretty much all my toiletries there!
Reasons I love Superdrug

  1. They label their products vegan
  2. They are BUAV approved. i.e. NO ANIMAL TESTING!
  3. I can buy their toothpaste in the happy knowledge that it contains no animal bits
  4. They have a massive range of own brand lovely cheap bubbly things!
LUSH, Sainsbury's, and the CO-OP don't test on animals either and so make a good alternative if you don't have a Superdrug nearby.

It's very easy to plead innocence about animal testing. Unless it says on the bottle 'we tested this on a little bunny rabbit' then how can you know?! From the research I've done, almost all companies that don't say 'Not tested on animals' have tested on animals. If you had a great ethical company you'd boast about it!
the Little book of cruelty free gives a list of lots of companies that have been checked out and properly approved though I haven't heard of most...

Also worth checking out are Eyes, Lips, Face as their make up is good quality and surprisingly cheap - look out for the occasional 40% off voucher codes!


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  1. Thank you
    I have now persuaded my family who eats nothing but pig cacuss all day long to switch to superdrug toiletries. I will also try to persuade my friends to switch with some carefully bought giftcards for their bday.
    From Lisaflower1 xxx