Friday, 30 December 2011

5 portions a day

I've been trying to be more healthy recently, more vitamins = less chance of getting an icky cold, but my love of toast and potatoes means I often don't make it to the magic 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
My solution? Cheat!

Charlotte's cheeky cheats for a champion constitution.

  • Dried fruit - just one tablespoon is a full portion according to the NHS.
  • Fruit Juice - who doesn't love a glass over cereal?!
  • Frozen sweetcorn - In the pan whilst pasta is cooking, too easy.
  • Banana & custard - Pudding lovers (Alpro ready made cartons- wonderfully comforting on cold days!)
  • Tinned fruit - Sugar on grapefruit or maybe cinnamon on pears.
  • Satsumas/Clementines - Can anyone tell the difference?! Their natural outfit means they can go travelling!
The NHS site I linked suggests the fruit and veg in pre-prepared food counts too but we don't need to count that now we have soooo many options!

Despite trying to avoid traditions, I'm hoping that I can stick to a resolution this year to think more about what I eat, what nutrients it contains and what I miss out on when I'm lazy and eat naughty food... we'll see.


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  1. hello xx :D
    Please post a cookie recipe as i love cookies
    I also love peanut butter which is vegan as are blueberries (which i also love). So if you could do a peanut butter cookie or a cookie with fruit (i love dried in cookies)
    Thank you
    From Lisa flower1