Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Animal Testing Ban

So it's taken me a while but of course I need to mention the New EU ban on animal testing which came into effect on March 11th:
'As of today, cosmetics tested on animals cannot be marketed any more in the EU'
This is obviously WONDERFUL news which I think we need a thirty second dance party for!
I've got to admit I my lack of knowledge surrounding law etc made me sceptical but after speaking to someone in The Body Shop today I believe:
-All new cosmetics sold in the EU cannot be tested on animals
-Old products that have been tested on animals can still be sold
-We won't be able to tell specifically if a product was tested before or after the EU ban.

I always avoid companies that test on animals for fear of encouraging them that this is a good way to act. Now that they legally cannot test on animals I am considering abandoning my boycott, even products that have been tested in the past as this will likely have no impact on the future. I'll always pick my favourite ethical brands over others of course - there are other issues other than testing, ingredients, workers rights and environmental impact - but in a selfish way I'm glad that I won't have so much to avoid when buying something new.

Definitely great news - I only hope that when the next big achievement for animal rights comes, I will have been part of the effort to deliver it.

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  1. I was so pleased when I heard about this, it didn't seem like an issue that had been in the public sphere loads recently, so good to know that people are still fighting the good fight behind the scenes!